Team Creator
(August 2017)

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Do You Believe in Ascension?

Team Creator is a story based in the near future. A small group of people form a community around a central idea. They believe that the world is transforming and transcending into a higher vibration. They decide to help in this effort by joining Team Creator. Anyone can join, as long as they agree to live by God's virtues.

Everyone who lives in this community is a member of Team Creator. They spread the word to the outside world via the Internet and seminars to gain new members. They believe that each member is spreading the light by being an example. Team Creator is not an organization and each member reports directly to the Creator by their lifestyle.

'This book is connected to my last two books: The Gathering and Ascension Training. Together, they could be considered a series. However, Team Creator is unique and offers a way of life that many can find beneficial. I have been a metaphysical student for 27 years, and I had no idea of the power of living a consciously virtuous lifestyle at all times. Read this book, and you will see what I mean.