Kern County: The Path to Secession and a New Constitution.
(November 2014)

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Is America on the verge of secession?

In this exciting, revolutionary novel, author Don Durrett creates a future where one California county, Kern County, secedes from the rest of the state to form its own country called Isabella.

Kern County: The Path to Secession and a New Constitution portrays how this new country comes into being. The centerpiece is a new constitution that attempts to solve most of society's lingering problems. It is ambitious and full of extraordinary ideas never attempted before in America.

Kern County is shown to be an ideal location for secession because of its abundance of oil and agricultural revenue, as well as a small population (less than 1 million people). If the citizens reorganize government and create a new economy, it might be a prosperous place. The book explores whether they will come to this conclusion in the future or not.

This story examines secession movements in the near future, and what kind of constitutions they may live by. Will there be places like Isabella that completely re-organize society and start over? Kern County: The Path to Secession and a New Constitution shares some of these possibilities. It is guaranteed to make you ponder the possibilities of how we all might change.

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How to Invest in Gold & Silver: A Completed Guide with a Focus on Mining Stocks.
(January 2014)

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Want to invest in gold and silver, but are not sure how?

How to Invest in Gold and Silver is a practical guide for investors who are new to the emerging gold and silver markets. This forward-thinking book is packed with information to help gold and silver investors navigate an exciting, timely and largely unexplored market.

How to Invest in Gold and Silver includes:

Indispensible information on how to manage the risk of gold and silver assets.

A step-by-step strategy to investing in bullion and coins.

Clear explanations on using ETFs (Electronic Trading Funds) and options.

The pros and cons of investing in major, mid-tier and junior mining companies and a how-to methodology for making informed choices for the best gains.

In his pioneering work, author Don Durrett shares the details of his own systematic, successful approach to investing in gold and silver.

This easy to follow book shows investors how to take advantage of the rising prices of precious metals using a balanced portfolio of gold and silver assets. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to invest with confidence.


Whether you are an individual investor or a professional wanting to learn how to invest in the precious metals sector this is the right book at the right time. Don takes you through the basics of investing in bullion or stocks; from large cap producers to junior exploration companies. Must reading for those wishing to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of precious metals investing.

James J Puplava (


The book, which in my estimation is a Bible-equivalent for junior resource investors, aggregates the small details investors need to know in order to survive in the junior resource market.

Tekoa Da Silva(


I would recommend How to Invest in Gold & Silver as an excellent, in-depth book that both the novice and seasoned precious metals and mining shares investors can find very helpful.

Peter Grandich(

The Demise of America: The Coming Breakup of the United States and What Will Replace It.
(November 2010)

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This book explains why the American Era is over. Are you interested in what just happened? We went from being the world's only superpower and the envy of the world, to an economic basketcase on the verge of bankruptcy.

I explain why our economic system cannot revive and that our only option is to start over. The value of this book is understanding what the near future will look like. What is coming is not what you are expecting and is nothingless than the transformation of humanity.

I am a visionary and a metaphsycial writer. I wrote this book as a memior to myself so that I could remember what it was like. I wanted to capture the era I lived through from 1960 until 2010. In addition to my analysis of the current state of America, I offer valuable insight for the direction of America and what we can expect to unfolder over the next two decades.