The Hand Prayer

I invented the hand prayer by chance. I was trying to find a way to condense my morning ritual. Perhaps I channeled it from one of my spirit guides, but it was definitely an epiphany. Everything we need is right there in our hand.

You can do the hand prayer anyway that you prefer. The key is that your thumb and each finger represent something that you intend to integrate into your life each day. You will find that it will evolve over time as your awareness increases.

The thumb respresents the core of how you live. Who do you serve? The ego or the soul?

The index finger defines who you serve by answering a simple question: Are you prideful or grateful?

The middle finger represents purity, innocense, and integrity. It is how you serve.

The ring finger represents love and the heart-center. It is only way to remain pure, innocent, and in integrity.

The pinky defines how you interact with others. They key is remaining humble and following God's viritues.

Team Creator

I consider myself on something I call Team Creator. This is God's team. These are people who are adding light to the world. To be part of this team you have to follow four steps. This is the code of Team Creator.

1. Intent

Everything begins with your intent. This is your mindset, your objective. It creates your motivation and desires.

My intent is two-fold. First, to raise my soul vibration and increase my spiritual awareness by living God's virtues. Second, to help humanity and make the world a better place. I plan to accomplish this through my thoughts, choices, and actions.

2. Thoughts

Good thoughts lead to good choices. All thoughts stem from intent.

3. Choices

Good choices lead to good actions. All choices stem from intent and thoughts.

4. Actions

Compassion / Consideration

Service / Generosity

Sympathy / Empathy

Kindness / Friendliness

Patience / Tolerance

Peace / Joy

Gratitude / Humility

Non-Attachment / Selfless

Surrender / Egoless

Faith / Trust

My Morning Ritual

The first thing that I do is connect with my soul. I do this by asking myself if I love God. I say, 'Do you love God?' I consciously feel my love for God and then verbalize that I love God, my higher self, my soul group, and my soul. The next thing that I do is sing, not words but notes and tones. You can use your voice to vibrate your entire body. This is as good for you as meditating. After I sing and tone, I call in my spirit guides and begin the hand prayer. I start with my thumb. I say, 'Who do I serve? My ego or my soul.' I answer, 'I serve my soul. I serve the Creator. I serve humanity. I serve my true self. My soul contract is to serve the truth, and not the ego. I am committed to upholding my agreement by only making choices that honor this outcome. I vow to live my life focused on serving the truth.

Next, I do my index finger. I say, 'Will I be prideful or grateful today? I will be grateful, and I live with gratitude and not self-indulgence. I will not allow the sin of pride to permit my ego to distract me from my objective of living God's virtues and increasing my soul frequency. Instead, I will use gratitude as a powerful virtue that allows love to flow in my life and my heart-center to remain open at all times.

Next, I do my middle finger. I say, 'How will I serve the soul today? With purity, innocence, and integrity. I will serve by following the virtues of God. I will be selfless and compassionate, with profound respect for all.

Next, I do my ring finger. I say, 'How will I follow God's virtues today? By opening my heart-center and connecting with my spirit. I will walk in that purity and know gratitude. I will be guided with truth and wisdom. I will trust where I am led and understand that there is reason and meaning for where I am led. I can trust my heart, but not my head. The heart is my guiding light and will take me where I need to be.

Next, I do my pinky. I say, 'How can I stay in my heart-center today? By remaining humble and walking with humility. By staying calm, gentle, compassionate, empathetic, and loving. If I stay in this energy, I will stay close to my heart.

Next, I visualize white light from high above shooting down through my head and through my body deep into the earth. I say, 'The soul, grounded, centered, balanced.' After I say this, I feel my soul surround me in white light, and I make a conscious intent to keep these three things with me throughout the day. I am grounding my soul into this dimension. I am also centering and balancing it at the same time, so that I can integrate it into my life.

Next, while I'm still feeling my soul enveloping me and the room, I say, 'I am, we are, and God is.' While I say this, I visualize my body surrounded in white light. Then I visualize my spirit guides around the table and we are holding hands with our etheric spirit bodies. Finally, I visualize the entire planet connected consciously. When I do this final visualization, I feel a powerful reverence and respect for the Creator and a deep sense of humility.

Next, I say, 'I am the violet fire. I am the purity that God desires.' When I do this, I visualize Archangel Michael's violet flame surrounding me. Then I visualize myself surrounded by white light. Basically, I give myself two cleansings to clear and remove any negativity that is impacting my soul vibration. This can also improve my health.

Next, I bow my head and say, 'Namaste, namaste.' I used to say it once, but it feels better to say it twice.