Gnostic Cathar Cross from the 12th Century.


I have read everything you have written, and loved them all. While reading about the Templar Knights to a friend, we were ushered into a higher realm for 27 minutes. Kathy could not believe her eyes, or the things we were privileged to see. It's funny "Truth" is still truth no matter how long we exist.

I love the fact that you were "Chosen " to write at this time, and I recognize that you have not written by yourself, but by the "Spirit of Truth". What a wonderful "Gift" the Spirit has given us, in you, Don Durrett.

It has been my wish to the Universe that Spirits like you would come to teach with Integrity the Truths without "FEAR". Like a small child at Christmas , I have been anxiously waiting the opening of these "TRUTHS/WRITINGS" knowing that they are not just for the few, but for the "ALL". My prediction is that your Writings will become the new a way of life and that every person that intends to survive will need them. It will guide them on their next Journey.

My Vision for you is that All who read will be enlightened. That as they read these Truths they will ponder them and see that things must change for better ... else all will be lost. The changes you write about are upon us now. No one is exempt. It will effect us all as we are all one. The Earth changes are all over the news. People are just now starting to see the Truths and will need to know what to do as the social system fails. Our ability to pull together, rather than apart is just now starting. The Government as you say, will not be effective. The changes will be too much for them, and in the end, all we will have left is each other. When the time is right we will start again in Love and Light.

I place you in the company of Nostradamus, Cayce, Krishnamurti, and last but certainly not least, Christ Jesus, who is my favorite.

I have known The Spirit of Don Durrett, for many lifetimes as he and I are inseparable. We have Chosen to help one another through all Eternity. We are on this Journey together and I want you "ALL" to know that he is "Second to None" ... the Spirit of Christ is within him, as he has Great Love for THE ALL.

I know that Don has willingly given up a great deal to write these truths. I do not believe that there are words on this planet to tell you, Don, how much I respect you and what you are doing for THE ALL. I will Honor and Love You for ETERNITY, Love and Light to ALL.

In Spirit,

Ladyhawk/Toni Harper


I just finished "Spirit Club" and must say it was fascinating. It is one of the best books I have ever read because of the spirituality and philosophy of life. It follows logically once you agree with the premice that we are Divine and therefore perfect.

My favorite points are 1) the importance of just experiencing life with joy, calmness, and the confidence that comes from knowing God is with me in all I do. I knew this intuitively but have never read it spelled out so well and with such clear reason as you do in the book. 2) Being is more inportant than doing. Neale Donald Walsch emphasized this in his retreat last year in Estes Park. I have always searched for the meaning and purpose of life, but your book helped me realize that I don't have to "do" a lot, but just "be" an example to others. 3)Listen to my feelings rather than my thoughts. Thoughts create but feelings put me in direct touch with God. I have always searched for the "big picture" in my life and was content to just be mystically in touch with the Divine presence. It is all around me and within me. Just being aware of that is meditation and happiness for me. Your book helped me realize that.

All the best,
John Hoffman


Your manuscript of "New Thinking for the New Age" is an extraordinary way to look at our life - it is not a conventional dogmatic view of life, but it is a spiritual one.  It was a definitely eye-opener for me.  It was like something hits my head and wake me up, then realized that this is what I've been looking for - Wow!  It made a profound effect on my life.  Because of your book, my perspective of life on earth has been changed; and, I am now more spiritually aware of all the experiences that I am encountering each day and learning and enjoying my life to the fullest. 

I hope this book is widely available to others so that they can enjoy the same benefit as I had.  I know there are more people who are waiting to be awaken around the world - this book will help those who want to achieve that.

James Kim

John Randall, the protagonist of this new and far-reaching book, is a lecturer seeking to meet Peter, an Anglo teaching on a Hopi reservation. The meeting and the ensuing friendship are the basis of Conversations With An Immortal. Never before has this reviewer read such a powerful work of discovery and what may lie ahead for us in the new millenium.

You see, Peter is an immortal who looks 35 years old, but was born in Egypt in approximately 1000 B.C. He used these years as a student or teacher of the truth and is a seventh level old soul priest. Thus, he is keenly aware of the tumultous transition almost upon us. Indeed, Peter's insight is a reflection of his associations with Nostradamus, the Order of Scion and Knight Templar, the people of Atlantis, St. Malachi, Mother Mary...and so many more.

"Everything that I know leads me to believe that it is very unlikely that there will be 50 states in the near future" says Peter. He says, "Personally, I expect chaos, Earth changes, leading to economic collapse, and finally leading to transformation." Peter reveals the foundation of John Randall's interest...John has "...experienced 1000 lives on dozens of planets in several galaxies." He has "...completed 14 reincarnational cycles."

From these kindred spirits, we learn what the future has in store for us...and that exhilarating insight is the true value of Conversations With An Immortal. You may agree or disagree with author Donald David Durrett's predictions, but never with his superb writing style and brilliant philosohpy.

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor
Metaphysical Reviews

Dear Mr. Durrett,

I have just finished reading your manuscript, and I must say that it was a wonderful book! I could not put that book down. I hope that it is published so that millions more may enjoy it.

I love the style of your books, with the extended dialogue and near-future setting. I wish you continued success in your writing career. And I mean continued in that you already have it! Thank you for the great read. I appreciate the opportunity.

Jeremy Purola

I have read nearly all of "New Thinking for the New Age" and it is wonderful. At least I think so because, as you know, you and I are in nearly perfect harmony. We are at about the same place (wherever that is -- smile). Your discussion of "fear" and "worry" is so true; war, violence, greed, etc. -- all manifestations of these. I always tell people who are frightened of spirituality, feeling perhaps they will contact "Satan" instead of their gardian or some such fear - that the "Fear Factor" is the biggest barrier to successful/happy/positive spirituality.

"Spirit Club" is very good, too. It must be difficult to write a novel-like story within the context of a New Age future. Most of us do "science speculation and non-fiction" but I like the story-telling approach. You are a gifted writer and prophet.

Keep on keepin' on, Don!

Blessings, Diane Tessman

New Thinking For the New Age is a gem of wisdom. It seems to be written in higher awareness than some other books I have read on the subject of New Thought. Don Durrett is a "realized master" in the art of conveying the deep need for a personal Truth that transcends all religion and man-made bondages of thought. Yet he does this by including the teachings of several parts of The Whole. By reading this book I re-learned many things I had forgotten because of having to be a part of the mass unconsciousness of society for a while. I realized it was strictly my own choice to be industrial, and it was much needed for my evolution.

What Don Durrett has given me through this very valuable book is a confirmation of the path I am on right now, in The Now. Yet he focuses on a time in the very near future that will happen, and there is no escaping it because there is really nothing to escape from but our illusions of rigid thinking. I know you will greatly enjoy Don's careful observance of the many masterful teachers. In this way, Don has opened a new awareness of understanding that many of us have simply forgotten. New Thinking is a must for those who can't stop thinking, and want to be fully awake.

~ In Love, D.R. Bennett


I have read your book with great interest, both stories, Conversations With An Immortal and Spirit Club. They sound like they may have been drawn from your personal experience. Do you in "real life" travel about giving lectures on new age themes? Have you ever actually encountered an "Immortal?"

I sense the pace of change is now quickening. As regards the particulars of your, and other, premonitions of future developments, I find myself looking on with great interest, somewhat as one on the street looking into shop windows at various selections of exotic merchandise, yet never able to grasp "the goods" myself until they actually arrive in my "present moment." It may be an artifact of my Piscean nature, which you may be able to appreciate: I can see the merit of so many contrasting and partially overlapping perceptions that it is frequently difficult for me to choose among them. In the Free Digital Library [], under Epistemology, is an article I wrote some time back on "Knowledge" which deals in some ways with the difficulty of having certainty about anything, not to mention the particulars of unfolding future events.

This is not criticism of your message; it merely lays out the context in which I perceive events and perceptions that come within my horizon of awareness - which in the context of All-That-Is must necessarily be a vary narrow "cone of light" in the midst of an otherwise vast and impenetrably mysterious Cosmos. Having no "objective criteria" for evaluating predictions and projections into the future, I have to rely entirely upon my own intuition, and the principle of "resonance" in evaluating them. I find much in your messages with which I resonate.

In particular, I resonate strongly with the overarching message that

"Since God is All That Is and God is perfection, everything is perfection. Thus, there is no right or wrong. There is only perfection. In other words, all experiences are valid. It is just as valid for God to experience negative, as positive. It is just as valid for God to experience murder, as love. In both cases, it is God experiencing these events, not something or someone separate from God.

"We are eternal because we are God. There is no God or Creator separate from us. We are as much a part of God as any other fragment of consciousness that comprises God. There is no separation. Everything comprises the whole, which is God. In other words, God cannot love us, because we are God. God cannot judge us, because we are God. God cannot save us or give us eternal life, because we are God." [Conversations, p. 5]

That seems to be the core idea being communicated with increasing frequency, in many voices, and in many nuances, shades, and hues of meaning: the "arch-heresy" of the world that is now coming to an end. How it is coming to an end, I suspect will be decided in each individual's life by the decisions he or she makes, moment to moment. The "Evening News" (or its equivalent) may indeed report millions "perishing" in vast cataclysms; but depending upon one's own "vibes" and state of consciousness, such events may be in one's midst, or viewed with relative equanimity from afar. The decisive element, I think you will agree, is the balance in each individual's life between love and fear, moment to moment, and day to day.

That is why the realization that "we are God" is so vital, and so powerful, for it discloses that, no matter what "dramas" we experience in the events around us, we are absolutely invulnerable to any "harm," and may therefore dismiss every vestige of fear within us, and let its place be taken entirely by love. The more people who can come to that understanding, at a deep level of internal conviction, the more peaceful and calm the transition can be, particularly for those who nurture love, and cast out fear.

I'm still interested in hearing your perception of Operation Terra []. I find I resonate strongly with those messages as well, particularly the advice about "Let go, and let God." The definition of love as "the absence of fear" I also find very useful as a moment-to-moment "litmus test." Usually a definition of a word couched in terms of what it is not isn't very useful; but in this case, it seem to work quite well. Also, unconditional love as allowing all things is very good.

In sum, I find these diverse, yet converging messages, including others I've not mentioned, very stimulating and elevating; and I think the richer the variety, the better; for different "voices" speak to different "ears," and every message has its place for someone. I would like to invite you to consider making some part of your writing Free Information and publishing it on-line as part of the Free Digital Library. I don't mean to twist your arm about it, but if you were to decide to do so, your contribution would be welcome, would enrich the Library, and might in time expand the exposure of your messages to wider audiences.

Thank you again for your book; it's a good piece of work. Keep in touch.

Love & Light,

-- Harmon
J. Harmon Grahn
*Free Digital Library*

I read "A Stranger from the Past" And it was so exciting to read. The ideas of the "New Age" were presented simply, clearly, and emphasized so they were very thought provoking. I found myself setting the book aside to think about one idea or another.

How prophetic the book is in light of the changes in this world since September 11th. You have revealed the basics of a new beginning of a new world and a spirituality that is coming. You are a trail blazer.

Thank you, Don Durrett, for what you have written.

Love, BJ

"Provactive and insightful, Don Durrett's futuristic parables are visual and intriguing. His forward-looking nonfiction books comprehensively portray a world on the verge of social transformation. Each book vividly describes a spiritual philosophy not only of who we are but who we are becoming."

- Charol Messenger, book editor, author of The New Humanity, Petals of Self-Discovery, and Recognizing Your Natural Intuition


In light of recent events, such as the continued terrorist attacks, the war in Iraq and now Hurricane Katrina, the timing is perfect for your series of New Age Thinking and spirituality. I believe Hurricane Katrina was America's test of love, compassion, and preparedness for a major catastrophe, and we failed. Chaos ensued, just as you speak of chaos in your books.

You address the collapse of the United States government. People need to realize how co-dependent we have become on external entities and material things, rather than our own inner spiritual knowledge, guidance, and love.

Your series is thought provoking and surely to touch the hearts, and minds, of those who are willing to take a courageous step, and begin to reflect on what the future holds. As old souls, we must continue to spread the words and actions of God's love, and your ideas on being one with God, that we are God, captures the essence of our purpose on Earth.

Reading your series helped me to make a much more profound connection with God and the universe. I wish you success in being published!


Nanci Wendland