Last of the Gnostics: The End of the Cathars.
(August 2010)

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 A Gnostic contemplates with a quiet mind, trying to find this innermost place of consciousness. That is where God resides. It is a place that we all share. That is the source of the oneness of life.

Last of the Gnostics offers this deep, meaningful truth while giving us an exciting and noble adventure as the last of the Cathars struggle to keep the enlightened spirituality of Jesus and Mary Magdalene alive against the vicious onslaught of the Roman Catholic Church. How many of us realize that the infamous Inquisition against “heretics” was a violent, prolonged effort to eliminate those who followed Jesus' actual teachings?

Within these pages, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene is revealed in all of its simple and gentle glory; we might wonder why The Church felt (and still feels today), so threatened by it.        

Last of the Gnostics is an inspiring blend of Gnostic spiritual truth woven within the story of Jesus' true believers as they face virtual extinction at the hands of The Church. It is a fight for survival and a glimpse of the love and devotion these brave Gnostics felt for each other and for humankind.

This book is a thrilling and enlightening experience not to be missed.

                                   --- Diane Tessman
                                       Author of “7 Rays of the Healing Millennium”