New Thinking for the New Age.
(April 2011)

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Direct Link to Purchase Book

Are you a on a spiritual path and looking for spiritual material that will feed your soul? 

If you want to know if you will like the book, all you need to do is read the first page of Chapter One. Author Don Durrett's spiritual philosophy oozes off the page. That first page is an eye opener for what is in store. Topic after topic is explored in a rich composition of spiritual wisdom.

An excerpt:
Life on the physical plane - on a planet such as Earth - allows God to experience the infinite. God is interested in all experiences. One experience may be negative, another positive, but both are of God. Thus, all experiences are valid. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad. God does not judge or place value judgments on experience. Judgment is not possible because God is All That Is ... and God does not judge itself.

This is Durrett's best work. Whereas his other spiritual books have been stories, this is a collection of metaphysical ideas. It is packed with paragraph after paragraph of spiritual wisdom. You will often find yourself trying to keep up - with a sense of wonder. Your heart will speed up at times and you will have an epiphany or two.

Topics include: Why Are We Here?, Harmlessness, We Learn by Experience, Life is Hard, What Is Evil?, Life is an Illusion, Love and Hate, Decision Making, Intuition, Beliefs.