New Age
Spiritual Books
By Don Durrett

Me and Youl

You and Me Compatibility (April 2016)

iPhone and iPad App (99 cents after free trial).

Google Play - Android Phones 4.4 and newer (99 cents).

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A unique app that can tell you the compatibility between two people. It is uncannily accurate. It can be used for relationships, friendships, business partners, even sports teammates. It will tell you how well you communicate with another person and how well you connect. It is a very powerful tool, especially if you learn how to read the results.

All that is needed are two people's names and dates of birth. It will then use numerology, astrology, and the science of the cards to compute their compatibility. I developed it from my 25 years of metaphysical experience. There is nothing quite like it that I am aware of.  

The free trial (Apple products only) period lasts until 5 people have been compared. At that time you can purchase the app for 99 cents for the full version.

Finding Your Soul

Finding Your Soul (June 2011) the story of John Randall, a New Age writer-lecturer living in Los Angeles in the near future. A war is raging in Europe, while at the same time metaphysical spirituality and the New Age movement are steadily increasing in popularity. Caught in a trap between the U.S. government and the Underground leader in Europe, his only option is to cooperate and to become part of their plans.   More Details

Conversations with an Immortal

Conversations with an Immortal (May 2011) the story of John Randall, a New Age writer-lecturer, and Peter Vaughn, an immortal embarking on a three-city lecture tour to discuss the coming changes to humanity. Topics include: the future of humanity, the current state of spiritual awareness, why the world is going to change, soul growth and reincarnation, earth changes, the meaning of life, and relationships. If you are on a spiritual path and have questions about what the future holds, then this book will feed your soul.   More Details

New Thinking for the New Age

New Thinking for the New Age (April 2011)

Are you a on a spiritual path and looking for spiritual material that will feed your soul? New Thinking for the New Age is a collection of metaphysical ideas, packed with paragraph after paragraph of spiritual wisdom. You will often find yourself trying to keep up - with a sense of wonder. Topics include: Why Are We Here?, Harmlessness, We Learn by Experience, Life is Hard, What Is Evil?, Life is an Illusion, Love and Hate, Decision Making, Intuition, Beliefs.   More Details

Spirit Club

Spirit Club (April 2011) the story of John Randall, a New Age writer-lecturer, who is living with a small New Age community in 2015. The economy has collapsed and most of the states have seceded from the union. A new security force, called the Federal Task Force is terrorizing the public. In the midst of this disorder, New Age spirituality is expanding. John's newly-founded spirit club is the nascent beginning of a new era when love becomes the new foundation for humanity.   More Details

A Stranger From the Past

A Stranger from the Past (December 2010) a fictional account of the coming age following the journey of John Randall - a California native - cryogenically suspended in 1994 and revived in 2272. Awakening to a future America, on the verge of spiritual rebirth, but at the same time existing under a totalitarian regime, can his resurrection and leadership ignite America's passion for both freedom and spiritual enlightenment and help to usher in a new civilization of enlightenment?   More Details

Last of the Gnostics

Last of the Gnostics (August 2010) an inspiring blend of Gnostic spiritual truth woven within the story of Jesus' true believers as they face virtual extinction at the hands of The Church. It is a fight for survival and a glimpse of the love and devotion these brave Gnostics felt for each other and for humankind.

This book is a thrilling and enlightening experience not to be missed.  More Details

Finding Your Soul - Workbook

Finding Your Soul - Workbook(December 2011)

In this illuminating work, author Don Durrett reveals his secrets in a ten step workbook.

Follow up workbook to the previously released book Finding Your Soul. It is the culmination of my 20 year spiritual journey. It is literally a step by step approach to finding your soul. I wrote it for those new to metaphysical knowledge or for those who are still searching for a stronger connection to their soul.  More Details

The Gathering - Preparing the Planet for Ascenstion

The Gathering - Preparing the Planet for Ascension(October 2013)

The Gathering is a story about ascension. It is a fictional story, but many of the ideas are close to the truth. For instance, a gathering is taking place today on this planet. This is a gathering of advanced souls who have come for the single purpose of raising the vibration of Earth.

This is a metaphysical book for those on a new-age spiritual path. It will feed your soul as it delves into subjects such as...  More Details

Ascension Training

Ascension Training(October 2015)

Ascension Training is a story about how personal ascension can be achieved. It is a fictional story, but it is not fantasy and could in fact happen in a similar manner. The basis for the book is the possibility that the planet Earth is currently ascending to a higher vibration. The corollary is that as the planet ascends so can people.

This is a metaphysical book for those on a spiritual path. It is literally a guidebook for achieving personal ascension written in a story format. Johnny, the lead character, has a near-death experience at fourteen years of age and comes back to teach some fellow teenagers how to become an ascended master.  More Details

Team Creator

Team Creator(August 2016)

Team Creator is a story based in the near future. A small group of people form a community around a central idea. They believe that the world is transforming and transcending into a higher vibration. They decide to help in this effort by joining Team Creator. Anyone can join, as long as they agree to live by God's virtues.  More Details


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